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Desktop Virtualisation

Desktop virtualisation creates a software-based (or virtual) version of an end users’ desktop environment and operating system (OS) that is decoupled from the end users computing device or client. This enables the user to access his or her desktop from any computing device. This can be extremely useful if you need to reduce hardware costs and your users often logon from multiple devices.  

Windows Virtual Desktop is a comprehensive desktop and app virtualisation service running in the cloud. It’s the only virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) that delivers simplified management, multi-session Windows 10, optimisations for Office 365 ProPlus and support for Remote Desktop Services (RDS) environments. Deploy and scale your Windows desktops and apps on Azure in minutes and immediately benefit from built-in security and compliance features. 

At ISAAC we have a number of clients who have found that a virtual desktop platform is the perfect solutionand we have helped configure, migrate and manage that environmentIf you wish to discuss the benefits and options of a Virtual Desktop environment, then please get in touch. 

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