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User Engagement & Adoption

With any new technology, end user engagement and adoption are key to success. Once people understand the benefits to them personally, and company-wide, they are proven to engage with and adopt new tech far more readily than simply being presented with a fait accompli  

Microsoft 365 & Office 365 are no different; often adopted through necessity to replace an ageing or unsupported on-premise Exchange server (email) or to enable easy management of Office licenses (Word, Excel etc), Office 365 is a hugely broad and feature rich application suite that can be utilised for so much more than email and licenses, including as your own organisation-specific Oxygen Digital Workplace  – a true home for your companies productivity. 

ISAAC are proven experts with many years of Office 365 implementation, migration and user adoption optimisation experience. We routinely help companies extract maximum value from their existing Office 365 environment, optimising user licensing to roles and ensuring everyone throughout your organisation has access to the knowledge required to make your Digital Transformation a success. 

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