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Those of a certain age will appreciate backup tapes and the cold shivers any kind of data breach, or more likely, data loss, used to cause. Thankfully those kinds of data backup and storage solutions are a thing of the past – if they are not, you really need to talk to us immediately… 

The reality is, the advent of the cloud has really majored in this area – we’re all familiar with iCloud, DropBox and so on, but these are largely ‘consumer’ focussed storage solutions and are not geared, from a multiple end user interface experience perspective, to deliver the best solution for multiple users interacting with huge amounts of data on a second-by-second basis.  

Thankfully, there are now multiple services available to help you achieve peace of mind, security and compliance. Within Office 365 alone and at a personal / private level there is OneDrivewhich is included with most Office 365 licenses. For active, shareable, business information with the addition of metadata attached there is SharePoint. On top of these storage solutions that are built into Office 365, there are also multiple Azure Storage solutions, that can be scaled to any size and requirement you need. 

Data stored in any of the solutions above is: Durable and highly available, Secure, Scalable, Managed and accessible. If you would like to learn more about what type of storage is correct for your organisation, then please get in contact. 

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