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SharePoint User Engagement & Adoption

SharePoint will change your life. Well maybe not, but definitely your business. For the better.

As a business who eat, sleep and breath all things Microsoft and cloud, we have long since sung the praises of SharePoint as the central spine to your cloud infrastructure, but we cannot count the amount of times we have been presented with home-grown SharePoint ‘solutions’ that resemble little more than a file structure in the cloud. More often than not, this is as a result of poor professional advice or simply a misunderstanding of what SharePoint really does.

ISAAC have created the Oxygen Digital Workplace that leverages Microsoft best-practice (automation, meta-data, powerful and configurable search… the list goes on) to create the highly intuitive and altogether human-centric ‘hub’ for your organisations’ productivity.

Whether you have yet to explore SharePoint (hint: you’re missing out) or you are struggling with an ill-advised and badly behaving existing SharePoint structure, or perhaps you are considering a move from your legacy SharePoint On-premise to SharePoint Online as part of your move to or Office 365 optimisation programme. Whatever your requirement, our team of SharePoint Digital Workplace Consultants can help.

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