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Security Concerns

This is justifiably a hot topic for most – although some claim to have security concerns, then go and use a relatively un-secure solution such as Zoom, but that’s another story – Remote Working security concerns manifest themselves in different ways.
  • If we access our data whilst away from the office, is it secure?
  • What happens if someone ‘shares’ something they shouldn’t?
  • Can our video calls or messages be intercepted?
  • Is public Wi-Fi secure?
  • How do I guarantee my employees are actually doing what they should?
All good questions, other than the last. That has nothing to do with remote working and everything to do with you hiring the right people in the first place and then trusting them when you do. None the less, with the right remote working systems in place, that engage and empower your employees, you will be amazed at just how productive they become. People get frustrated with a job for lots of reasons, but right up there is morale and engagement. Make peoples lives easier and watch them flourish.

Engaged people are attentive, and less prone to mistakes. People should be enabled to be people and systems and tech should do everything else. Automated workflows – an inherent and core component of our Digital Workplace solutions – are key in ensuring admin happens automatically in the background. Controls over who can see what and share with whom. Correctly configured permissions. The right tools in place for the right times – Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) along with InTune (Mobile Device Management with Conditional Access) are just a few examples of important Microsoft tools that each of our Digital Workplace Solutions include…

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