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Our team are here to help answer your questions, advise on options and help you make the right decision to improve your business. Remember, our aim is to help you move once, then never worry about it again.

Office 365 FAQs

Can I move all my data to Office 365?

You can move all of your data to the cloud. While Office 365 is most suitable for the storage of company documents and any kind of organisational records, such as customer or employee information, we offer a number of other cloud based solutions to accommodate third-party software packages like accounting applications.

On rare occasions you may need to continue hosting a limited number of files on-premises, for example if you are working with large video files. If this is a requirement, ISAAC recommends the most future proof and cost effective solution ensuring your files are backed up to the cloud seamlessly.

What about my other systems/databases?
We can move most third-party applications and databases to the cloud in a transparent fashion, either during the migration of your e-mails to Office 365 or as a separate project phase. We offer several options to move not only your business applications but also your desktops to the cloud, enabling you to connect organisational resources wherever you are and whichever device you use.
Will there be downtime, during the migration?
ISAAC migrates your e-mails with no downtime and with a zero-loss approach. Your alternative OWA (Outlook Web Access) interface becomes available before we redirect your incoming e-mails to Office 365 and allows you to access your e-mails until Desktop Outlook Application is reconfigured for Office 365.

Zero-loss mail migration approach ensures that you don’t loss any e-mails as switch over happens. We usually perform this final change on out of hours and you continue working on Office 365 seamlessly.


Can I change the plan that I'm on?
Yes. If you need to upgrade, you can transition your account to a different plan. For example, you can upgrade from an Office 365 Business plan to an Office 365 Enterprise plan.

The ISAAC team are happy to discuss alternative plans with you to make sure you get the right configuration for your business.

NOTE: When you upgrade your account, your domain name is transferred to your new account, whether you brought your own domain name to the Office 365 account or you set up a domain name with Office 365.

SharePoint Applications FAQs

What is a SharePoint Application?
ISAAC Applications for SharePoint are highly optimised SharePoint modules aiming to deliver best value proposition to our customers.

Today’s organisations typically find themselves having to choose between two extremes when it comes to software platforms such as CRM, HR or Project Tracking. They either go for off-the-shelf software packages that offer minimal customisation options and eventually force them to align their processes to the application’s capabilities, instead of running the business as they see fit. Or, they opt for in-house or third-party software development, which offers almost unlimited customisation potential at an extremely high cost for initial development and ongoing support.

ISAAC Applications sit anywhere between these two extremes. For smaller SMEs, an ISAAC Element acts as a fully functional SharePoint template, enabling them to get going with a very small investment, and allowing the platform to be aligned to their specific needs in time, at their own pace. For larger organisations, ISAAC Applications act as a foundation, enabling you to save the bulk of the development time and cost, allowing us to focus on your organisation’s specific requirements.
ISAAC SharePoint Applications are based on a combination of standard SharePoint features and carefully selected and vetted third-party modules to give you a fluid and intuitive experience.

What if I don't have Office 365 yet?
The great thing about Office 365 is how flexible the licensing is and the ability to move the elements of your business that it makes sense to move to the cloud, first. You can also choose a simple licensing model first and then add more features later.

For example, you could start with SharePoint and improve your business processes and productivity, and then look to move documents and email later. To discuss your best path to the cloud, why not contact our team.

Can I use your applications with all versions of Office 365?
ISAAC Applications simply require a version of SharePoint and can be deployed into a completely bare environment, or an existing site or site collection.

SharePoint Online is included in the following: –  all Business and all Enterprise versions of Office 365.

Applications can also be deployed in up to date versions of SharePoint server. If you currently have an existing on premise SharePoint installation that you’d like to utilise, then please get in touch to discuss this, if you have an existing on premise SharePoint installation that you’d like to utilise.

Can I add an Application to an existing Sharepoint development?
Yes you can. Applications are ‘sand-boxed’ SharePoint applications and can be installed within an existing, working site collection, without any impact on your current setup.

We can even help you integrate your new Applications with what you have setup already.

Can I trial ISAAC Elements ?
We offer a number of options to give you full confidence before you decide to go for ISAAC Applications for SharePoint.

The best option to start with is a guided demo, where one of our senior Information Management Consultants will guide you through the Applications(s) of your choice to enable your discovery of the most differentiating aspects. We usually schedule a demo session within one business day after receiving your request.

Following a guided demo session, and should you wish to trial elements directly, or want to share your experience further within your organisation, then ISAAC can provide credentials for our fully featured demo installation where you can actually use SharePoint Applications at full ‘power’ with full functionality.

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