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Remote Working

Never has Remote Working been so important. Once upon a time it was a suspect excuse to take a day off. Now however, it is quite literally the difference between your business succeeding or failing.

From attracting, motivating, and retaining the best talent, to coping as if nothing has changed in a mandatory lockdown as a global response to an unforeseen pandemic, Remote Working will change your life and that of ALL your employees. If it isn’t already, it will soon be an explicit necessity.

The ability to seamlessly switch to working from any location exactly as if you are sat in your office is paramount in todays world. When we at ISAAC talk about Remote Working, we mean just that – not some half way house when a phone call can be diverted from an office extension to a mobile, or when an email can be received on the move (that’s so 1999), but when an entire organisation can do everything their role demands from any location, and just as securely.

Everything ISAAC do, from the very moment we were established, is and has always been about facilitating Remote Working in its most secure, yet simplistic and human-centric way. If you want to succeed at Remote Working, then we are the people to talk to.

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