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Case Study

SharePoint CRM for wealth management company

Private Investment Office in our second year of operating. Our priority is to manage the portfolios of our ultra-high net worth clients, hence we need to ensure we are at the forefront of technology. That’s why we engaged with ISAAC.

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The Challenge

Microsoft Office 365 was simply our email software and we were aware that there was a great deal of functionality we were missing out on. We were using Office 365 but nowhere near its full potential. As a fast growing and fast paced business, living with the demands of our clients and the global financial markets we needed new, efficient and modern ways to interact with clients, as well as with each other.  We needed an exceptionally reliable platform that was fast and dynamic.  We wanted more than just an email system and unlocking the potential of Office 365, which is far more powerful than even we had imagined, has been a significant step forward for us.  As well as working with a team that has made the effort to truly understand our business and work flows.

One of the impacts of being regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) means that firms have to keep accurate and up to date client records and information.  We had looked at many market leaders in the CRM space, however it became clear that each would be a compromise to our working practices, hence we agreed we wanted to build our own system which we managed, controlled and owned all the data within, unquestionably. Client records are a priority to us and we wanted to build a system that would be intuitive and easy to use and also integrated perfectly to our industry, the rest of our IT systems and our processes.

How ISAAC helped us

It is still early days, but already the benefits are clear; we now have the ability to work from anywhere securely and efficiently, just as we would from within the office. We have the ability to simultaneously collaborate on documents and files with colleagues, regardless of locations which has enabled us as a company to work more collaboratively which is fantastic. Our technology is always available. As CRM is rolled out to our full team, we fully expect the ISAAC solution to increase the efficiency in our business around client correspondence and client information, enabling us to spend less time on process and more time on customers and relationships.


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The Solution

ISAAC Intelligence implemented a Microsoft SharePoint Online CRM solution from the ISAAC SharePoint Applications range, enabling customer records and related documents to be maintained on one single platform. The CRM Application is fully customised to meet the customer’s specifications, providing a totally integrated solution, fully aligned with the customers specific business processes. Beyond a fully customised CRM platform, the solution also enabled the customer team to explore further possibilities around management and reporting of client holdings to advanced Business Intelligence reporting.

From a document management perspective, ISAAC’s solution enabled documents to be shared, instead of sending them by e-mail, ensuring “one version of the truth” is maintained at all times, dramatically increasing collaboration throughout the business, and resulting in faster turnaround and greater compliance.

Where we see our future with ISAAC

We see ISAAC as a partner.  They have already added a huge amount of value over a relatively short space of time and have been totally influential within our business.  We are a young, dynamic and influential Wealth Management business, and a central aim is to be compliant with the FCA at all times which can sometimes mean the development of innovation and new ideas can be secondary.  ISAAC has enabled us to do much more and more efficiently, and we are looking forward to working in partnership with ISAAC to enable us to develop further and always be at the leading edge of technology, helping us provide our customers with the best possible investment advice at all times.

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