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Case Study

Improved Sales and Information Management for Cornelsen

Cornelsen Ltd are a team of contaminated land engineers, who were looking to move forward to facilitate access to all their documentation for remote operating engineers.

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The Challenge

We had a well-structured and managed documentation filing system including, in particular, email filing.  The challenge was to replicate and improve on that with a new system in the cloud.  Without a formal CRM system, we are not sufficiently interconnected with our German colleagues on business development.  The challenge therefore was to leverage SharePoint to create a simple CRM system without heavy investment in off the shelf CRM software with expensive functionality we would not use.

Why we chose ISAAC

After exhaustive and generally disappointing conversations with many different providers over the course of several months ISAAC was the only company that understood our requirements from the outset and offered a cost effective simple solution that hit the mark.   Having researched migrating to SharePoint extensively our Managing Director had developed a good level of understanding of what was required and, more importantly, how difficult it would be to get that actually delivered.  ISAAC not only understood our requirement but also appeared to have a much better concept of how to frame and leverage the off the shelf SharePoint environment to fit them without developing some extensive bespoke solution with extensive consulting and programming.


Small Business CRM Template


Custom Fine Tuning

Day Turnaround

Amazing Result

The Solution

Following a clean, successful migration of the Cornelsen email systems to Microsoft Office 365, and our light version of our Insights RoadMap Consultancy, ISAAC installed our standard Oxygen CRM platform into SharePoint Online and fine-tuned it to fit the specific project management, job sales and hire processes of the Cornelsen team. Specifically developed for small businesses and built to take advantage of the Microsoft cloud, Oxygen CRM, with a touch of custom tuning, was a perfect fit for Cornelsen.

Where we see our future with ISAAC

As we get to grips with the system we are learning of things which can be added or tweaked. This is inevitable with any fundamental new software system. We have the confidence that ISAAC can help deliver those tweaks in a cost effective manner as and when we need them. Most importantly, they understand immediately what we require and can help frame those changes in a pragmatic manner ready for potential additional requirements we have in the future as we develop as a business. Cornelsen very much see this as an effective partnership with good long term potential.

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