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Power BI Implementation, Engagement & Adoption

Power BI is an easy tool to use that helps propel organisations into a data driven culture. With powerful self-service abilities, no longer are business users dependent on IT for gathering, transforming and analysing data. The solution is to create and nurture a data centric company.

As Power BI subject matter experts, ISAAC can configure and implement your data analytics solution, or even turnaround your existing unfulfilling data analytics solution – optimising licensing costs and sorting data and processes to ensure consistency between data periods, delivering meaningful reports to those that need it day in day out.

Key features of the ISAAC Oxygen Analytics Solution, with Power BI:

  1. Access and store vast amounts of data
  2. Spot data trends quickly and easily
  3. Take advantage of intuitive user-centric features
  4. Leverage the might of the Microsoft cloud, at a fraction of the cost
  5. Custom configuration of reports and access levels on a role by role basis

Oxygen Analytics takes all the information your teams capture as part of their daily work, stores it, manipulates it, models it and presents it back to you using Power BI in a way that is meaningful to your role. A fully curated and customisable analytics add-on for Oxygen and Dynamics solutions. It turns dumb data into intuitive and informative business outcome-based reporting.

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