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IT HelpDesk

A cost effective app built for the IT support needs of SMEs

IT HelpDesk

A cost effective app built for the IT support needs of SMEs

Tracking and managing IT support requests can be a difficult task, regardless of the size of your organisation. Managing errors, issues and people as your business grows to depend on technology more and more is a challenge that has to be addressed before items fail, frustration grows and your business suffers.

ISAAC IT Help Desk is built on Office 365, giving you a best practice IT HelpDesk portal and a reliable way to automate the request and case management process, joining the dots between your IT processes and the rest of your business. Rapid and consistent responses build confidence in your colleagues, empowering each member of your team to get the best from the technology you provide them with. It even integrates with Oxygen HR to enable you to easily deal with new starter requirements, terminations, inventory checking and lifecycle management.

Ideal for small and medium businesses

Our IT HelpDesk is developed with years of experience working in the IT industry

What impact could IT HelpDesk have at your organisation?

Minimise downtime and increase confidence:


Your HelpDesk, your process

Add external links like Weather, 3rd Party Knowledge Base, and more – Create proactive monitoring of external factors that may affect reliability and performance. Integrate with other apps to help manage resource during busy times and schedule updates during quiet periods


Centralised knowledge base

Simple knowledge base supports knowledge sharing, procedure implementation and saves time by reducing redundant analysis work


Technical team collaboration

IT team collaboration and process automation, including tasks calendars, scheduling, discussions and document tracking


Fully featured HelpDesk

Automate incoming email trouble ticket capture, email notifications and reporting, with links to change and asset management

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