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Oxygen Customer Services & HelpDesk 

Putting the customer journey front and centre again – ensuring customer requests, of whatever kind, can be effectively and efficiently managed. 

Oxygen CS-HD has been developed through our own experiences of rapidly scaling a business, whilst harbouring an unflinching desire to deliver impeccable service. We couldn’t find a solution that did what we required in the way we wanted, so we created our own solution… and then some very cute customers convinced us to productise and deliver it as a Managed SaaS solution for their own use… Et voila… 

Oxygen CS-HD joins the dots between your actual customer requests and the rest of your business –Rapid and consistent responses instil your customers with confidence and, because the system automates customised responses, enables you and your colleagues to spend less time on admin, and more time talking to customers and resolving queries.  

Sympathetically managed customers build confidence in internal teams, boosting morale and productivity. With an intuitive human-centric interface enabling each member of your team to get the best from the tech. Oxygen CS-HD can operate as a standalone solution or, better still, as a fully integrated add-on to your Oxygen CRM 

Meet Oxygen Customer Services & HelpDesk 



Your HelpDesk, your process. Add external links like Weather, third-party knowledge base and more. Create proactive monitoring of external factors that may affect reliability and performance orintegrate other apps to help manage resource. 


Automate immediate rapid responses from initial response to regular updates and key status or personnel changes 


Easily share information across teams and with customers, either manually or automated, including tasks, calendars, scheduling, discussions and document tracking. 


Intuitively capture critical information around key data points with your very own custom Oxygen Analytics Dashboard – identify trends, analyse productivity and know who accesses your data when and where.   


Use key data points to benchmark historic and current trends and streamline your entire end to end data flow and generate measurable outcomes 


Centralise knowledge base and learn from previous experiences 

Download our Document Management PDF factsheet here

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Head Office:
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