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Oxygen for Outlook  

They key to adoption of new systems en masse, is simplicity. 

All Oxygen solutions from ISAAC share the same DNA; they are all human-centric – meaning the human experience is front-and-centre, always.  

 We are unflinching in our desire to deliver solutions that meet every user in their comfort zone, allowing that user, young or old and from whichever generation, to collaborate with their colleagues in any location using just the application they choose to use.  

 Oxygen for Outlook is the way to connect Outlook – and let’s face it, Outlook is the most widely used email client globally – to your Oxygen Office 365 and SharePoint apps, sites and lists.  

Oxygen for Outlook enables users to share docs and file emails rapidly, intelligently (it adds the same metadata as your Oxygen app, meaning finding docs is simple) via Web, mobile or directly from within Outlook. 

Upload documents, email attachments, and email messages to your Oxygen appsSharePoint and OneDrive for Business. Full-featured support for Office 365 and SharePoint means users can accurately categorize documents and emails. When combined with any one of our Oxygen apps, users are prompted to supply required metadata before checking in documents and emails – never lose another filed document or email again! 

Meet Oxygen For outlook 



Automated capture of emails along with important documents into your key data libraries and automated the application of metadata 


Quickly and easily view documents and emails stored in your Oxygen apps from directly within Outlook 


Eliminate document chaos – sharing links instead of attachments 


Automatically view who last modified a document; connect using Teams or Yammer and use presence awareness to quickly see who is online 

Download our Document Management PDF factsheet here

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