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Oxygen Extranet

An engaging and intuitive customer collaboration eco-system

Oxygen Extranet

An engaging and intuitive customer collaboration eco-system

We know just how important the customer journey is to any business, and how important it is to distinguish your business from your competitors. But how do you go that extra-mile? How do you create an incredible customer experience, that is just the right level of interested without risking a restraining order? Customers typically want information when they want it, on their terms – that’s fine but it can be difficult to be proactive and reactive all at once.

Oxygen Extranet forms part of your companies Intranet, and is built within Office 365, providing a secure network in which to share parts of your business operations and information with external parties, such as; customers, suppliers, vendors, boards and committees.

Supercharge customer engagement

With Oxygen Extranet built within Office 365.

What impact could an intuitive and collaborative Extranet have on your organisation?

Easy to share information and even easier to access with authorized permissions


Highly secure

Your customers can only see content you have approved for them, they are unable to see or access any information that is held in private libraries or has not be tagged for external publication.


Branded and tailored to suit your business

Share a consistent company image, ensuring your customers know where they are and feel comfortable.


Share the latest content

Present your customers with the latest valuable content that is relevant to only them, or across external groups, including news & announcements, marketing and policy information, events, service updates, contracts, project scopes, legal documents and more.


Interact and collaborate

Enable simple request and task submission and tracking, via web or mobile.

See it in action

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