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Oxygen Extranet

Collaboration with employees should be the norm in today’s world, but how about streamlining your customer journey to the point where your customers, become a fully integrated part of your everyday… Oxygen Extranet is an engaging and intuitive customer collaboration eco-system  

We know just how important the customer journey is to any business, and how important it is to distinguish your business from your competitors. But how do you go that extra-mile? How do you create an incredible customer experience, that is just the right level of interested without risking a restraining order? Customers typically want information when they want it, on their terms – that’s fine but it can be difficult to be proactive and reactive all at once.  

Oxygen Extranet forms part of your companies Intranet (link to Intranet page), providing a secure network in which to share parts of your business operations and information with external parties, such as; customers, suppliers, vendors, boards and committees. 

Meet Oxygen Extranet  



Customers only see the content you have specifically approved or published  


Specific customer zones ensure each customer sees only their content  


Share docs and information directly from your Oxygen Intranet to one, two, a few or many customers at the touch of button  


Customised look and feel to suit your brand and image, creating a familiar zone for your customers to feel safe and comfortable  

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+44 (0) 20 3922 1222

Australia Support:
+61 (0) 2 9053 9703

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