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Oxygen Document Management

This is where it all started for ISAAC… it brings a tear to our eye to recall the journey we’ve been on… but wait, first… this:  

It is conservatively estimated that employees can spend upwards of 25% of their time just trying to locate previously stored documents!  

Today, we generate unprecedented amount of information, data and documents daily. Ensuring that you and your colleagues can quickly locate the correct version of the right file can be a challenge and co-authoring and collaboration on a single document is almost impossible, until now.  

Oxygen Document Management is a secure, intuitive human-centriccloud-based solution signed specifically to make storing, finding, sharing and collaborating on documents as easy as 1, 2, 3. 

Meet Oxygen Document Management  



Search by keyword, file name, specific content (including within PDF’s!)primary list, opportunity or project name and rapidly locate the information you’re looking for  


Easily share information and co-author documents with multiple colleagues, regardless of location. Reduce email congestion and multiple versions by sharing links instead of files. Retain control of your data at all times.  


Intuitively capture critical information around key data points with your very own custom Oxygen Analytics Dashboard – identify trends, analyse productivity and know who accesses your data when and where.    


Use key data points to benchmark historic and current trends and streamline your entire end to end data flow and generate measurable outcomes 

Download our Document Management PDF factsheet here

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