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Office 365 Document Management

Replace your aged file-server, or link to your existing CRM

Office 365 Document Management

Replace your aged file-server, or link to your existing CRM

Did you know it is estimated that employees can spend up to 25% of their time just trying to locate previously stored documents? In business today, we generate unprecedented amount of information, data and documents on a daily basis. Ensuring that you and your colleagues are able to quickly locate the correct version of the right file can be a challenge and co-authoring and collaboration on a single document is almost impossible, until now that is..

The ISAAC Document Management solution provides a cloud-based tool that replaces your traditional ‘shared drive’ with a purpose built, cloud-based storage and collaboration tool. Built within Office 365 and borrowing from our CRM and Intranet solutions, your documents are stored on your Office 365 platform in the cloud and are accessible from any authorised device. It can be deployed rapidly and just like our other business tools, can be tailored to your terminology and processes – it adapts to you, not the other way around. All of your information and documents are centrally stored, automatically backed up and integrated into a central hub.

Future-proof and simplify your document storage

With Document Management from ISAAC

What impact could ISAAC Document Management have at your organisation?

Securely store all of your documents and easily control who has access to what:


Find information fast

Powerful search functionality to quickly locate and share documents without the need for endless emails


Collaborate easily with colleagues

Documents are stored in your purpose built cloud tool, securely stored and accessible to whomever you decide. Simultaneously co-authoring documents is a breeze, and auto approvals can be incorporated to define who sees what and when


Integrates seamlessly with Outlook

Filing documents or emails from directly within Outlook to your document store takes only two clicks, as does attaching files to emails to send externally


Boost productivity and increase morale

Documents and information are easy to locate and edit as is tracking changes and collaboration, which all simplify the working day by removing needless headaches

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