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Microsoft Office 365

Your successful cloud journey

Microsoft Office 365

Your successful cloud journey

It’s all about the journey. Moving your business to the cloud brings you anytime, anywhere access to productivity tools, low costs and huge storage potential. However, the cloud often forces you to make a binary decision. Either you opt for a range of distinct cloud-based tools but miss out on central co-ordination, or you choose a huge feature-rich platform like Office 365 which few employees understand, meaning its full potential is never realised, and often goes to waste. What if there was a third way?

At ISAAC, we back your journey to the cloud in a way that suits your priorities and grows with you. From migration to deployment, we help you plan and prepare for your cloud strategy offering support throughout your move. By using Office 365 as your central hub, while also giving you access to a range of best practise tools that ‘just work’ from day one, you get the best of the cloud.

In the end, it’s your journey, on your terms.

Every journey begins with a first step

Get your cloud journey on the road

All the insights and support you need

We help you on your journey to Office 365 productivity


Your journey — we help you with planning, execution and beyond


Migrate and manage — smoothly move your data with expert help (backed by our zero loss/zero downtime guarantee)


SharePoint — we make SharePoint online or on-premise easy


Security — with your company's data in the cloud, we protect you as you grow

We keep things straightforward

Transparency is essential for us — that’s why we provide you with a cost overview up front

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