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ISAAC apps for Office 365

Immediate results, endless possibilities

ISAAC apps for Office 365

Immediate results, endless possibilities

Imagine a world where all your business critical applications run on a single platform, with one user name and password and a shared logic that makes day to day use straightforward and momentous. Every cloud has a silver lining with ISAAC Office 365 Applications.

We love Office 365 and SharePoint online, but we realise it can be confusing; that’s why we created our app suite. Developed to harness the power available into a suite of fully functional business tools, created specifically to increase collaboration, foster communication and simplify processes throughout your organisation. Whether you are looking to streamline an existing manual process, replace a disparate application or simply because you know technology can make your life easier, we have an application to suit your needs.

What impact could our Office 365 apps have on your organisation?

Simple, effective, scalable and cost-effective apps built for SMEs

Oxygen Help-Desk

Manage IT requests, support cases and knowledge

Oxygen Intranet

A central hub for all internal company information

Document Management

Centralise documents and secure with auto backup, even link to existing systems

Oxygen Extranet

An engaging and intuitive customer collaboration eco-system


Smart, powerful... And FREE up to 10 users

Oxygen CRM-CF

Highly-secure and with 100% compliance approval from the FCA and NACFB

Oxygen HR

Manage employee requests and processes safely and securely

Oxygen CRM

Smart, powerful customer relationship management

Oxygen CRM-WM

Designed to meet the needs of boutique and private investment offices

Desperate for an app that fits the way you work?

All ISAAC apps for Office 365 are fully customisable to suit just the way you do things

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