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Office 365 Backup  

Cloud based backup for all of your Office 365 files stored in Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint and Exchange mailboxes.

The protection provided by Microsoft is not always adequate to protect your data, items can be deleted from recycle bins by rogue administrators or by malware.

Retention policies can retain data for periods of time, but what if that file you deleted months ago is urgently required? there is little or nothing that Microsoft can do to help you.

Backup data is stored outside of the Microsoft cloud so should the worst happen you have complete access to your data.

Achieve complete peace of mind with Office 365 backup.

Backup Microsoft Teams

Back up entire teams, including team members, channels and content, as well as team mailboxes, meetings, and team sites.

Granular restore allows for the recovery of an entire team, a channel or file, mailbox, messages, as well as team sites.

Backup SharePoint

Backup SharePoint site collections and individual sites as well as all access permissions.

Granular recovery of all items including direct download for documents.

Backup OneDrive

Backup all of your users OneDrive folders and files, including access permissions.

Granular recovery of all items including direct download.

Backup Mailboxes

Backup all user emails, contacts, calendars, attachments, group & shared mailboxes.

Granular recovery for all items including preview for emails.

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