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Legacy Physical Infrastructure

Listen, we know you think physical infrastructure is more secure and better than its cloud counterpart but… how do we say this… you’re wrong.

Now that we’re past that lets look at Public Cloud v Private Cloud – misnomers really; Public Cloud means a service such as Microsoft Office 365, and Private Cloud means your own ‘private’ infrastructure in a data centre somewhere. Both are in the cloud, both are private, one belongs to you, the other to Microsoft – who do you trust to deliver better security? (hint: Microsoft)

Maybe your existing provider can help? Oh wait… they’re telling you that Cloud isn’t secure and its not what you need? Traditional IT companies provide traditional IT services. Some evolve to provide cloud services but it’s rare because they end up cannibalising their own existing legacy revenue, because cloud services are way cheaper to provision and manage, and they don’t really want that..

Legacy on-premise infrastructure is costly, prone to failure and a heavily depreciating asset that is capitalised on your balance sheet – it’s also really clunky at providing you access to itself when you’re not directly linked to it via your office network – sure VPN’s work, but there are limitations, all of which are severely tested when your entire team is forced to work from home with little notice.

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