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Unreliable Legacy Infrastructure & Support

It’s tough running a traditional IT infrastructure and support business. Huge legacy capital expenditure means you are beholden to a pre-defined approach on how to leverage that infrastructure to provide services to your customers. Those who are bold evolve and innovate – which means moving away from on-premise and privately hosted data centres, to the public cloud and, in the main, Microsoft Office 365.  


Many however, are unable to move away from this traditional approach, either because they don’t know how, or because they like charging you large sums of money to manage physical and outdated legacy technology. 


ISAAC was ‘born in the cloud’ – we have partnered with Microsoft (and others) and have developed cloud specific solutions based on up-to-the-minute technology which are, by design, infinitely scalable. We have no need for infrastructure or data centre engineers or costly physical infrastructure. Instead, our partnership with Microsoft, utilising Office 365 and Azure enables ISAAC to focus 100% of our time on our customers; from solutions to support, it’s all human-centric, it’s all flexible and it’s all 100% scalable. 

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Head Office:
+44 (0) 20 3922 1222

Australia Support:
+61 (0) 2 9053 9703

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