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Lack Of / Zero Reporting

To power a collaborative and sharing workplace requires a single version of the truth. A centralised human-centric information management system that is intuitive and accessible from any secure location.  Everyone in your organisation needs to be seeing and making decisions based on the same data, sliced and diced based on their role, ultimately driving wholesale productivity improvements.  

Note; this isn’t about forcing people to do things in a certain way, it’s about simplifying and centralising all your organisations information in such a way that people want to interact with – Why? Because it makes their lives easier. Simple.  

Without this, you will have delayed, inaccurate or possibly zero reporting capability… or maybe you do, but it’s probably all manual and more trouble than its worth. 

Oxygen Analytics is a curated and customisable analytics add-on for Oxygen and Dynamics solutions. It turns dumb data into intuitive and informative business outcome-based reporting.

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Head Office:
+44 (0) 20 3922 1222

Australia Support:
+61 (0) 2 9053 9703

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