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Lack of Employee Engagement

​Employee engagement often appears to be a black art that one must have some secret concoction to solving. We don’t believe so (which is just as well because we don’t have any secret sauce). Ourethos isgive the people the right tools, which are easy to use, intuitive and developed for them, and engagement naturally happens. Like a lot of things, try to force it and it breaks. Most systems that are the root of the engagement problem are cumbersome, slow and illogical to use… which is why we develop our solutions around you and your processes. ISAAC solutions are adapted to you, your processes, terminology and branding, naturally creating a familiar and ‘safe’ place from which to work. Because we use the terminology you use, then processes make sense – our information workflow philosophy is human-centric (there’s that term again).  

It just doesn’t make sense to bang people over the head until they do something, which is why our Discovery solutions engage not only your senior team, but also your key stakeholders and teams at the coalface to ensure that the solutions we deliver for you have captured all the nuances within your business. You’d be amazed how many complex and dull manual processes are given a new lease of life once they become automated.  

It’s about removing the dull stuff and giving that to machines to do, enabling your people to be people, to collaborate, share and grow.

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