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Lack Of Internal Knowledge Sharing

Getting your centrally and securely stored information to the right people at the right time, in the right way is what knowledge sharing is all about. Using Microsoft and Oxygen Digital Workplace tools form ISAAC to empower people to work in whichever way best suits them, whilst ensuring the data remains secure and consistent ensures the best results.  

Oxygen CRM or Dynamics 365 ensure greater visibility of key information and events captured against meaningful records; information management that informs and empowers.  

 Oxygen for Outlook ensures users who still rely heavily on email, and let’s face it there are a few, don’t lose out and can collaborate and share the same information as all other users, just in a very specific way that suits them. It really makes no sense to force people to work in a way that isn’t productive for them – and this is what we mean when we say ‘human-centric’ – it’s technology developed and adapted to best suit every individual.  

Oxygen Analytics takes all the information your teams capture as part of their daily work, stores it, manipulates it, models it and presents it back to you using Power BI in a way that is meaningful to your role. 

Centrally store, co-author and share documents that never leave your secure data repository is todays way. Share a secure link to a customer proposal with your customer and edit the proposal in real-time as you walk them through it, either in person or remotely (better – think carbon footprint) 

Better still, remove the need for email altogether and use Teams, Slack or Google Hangouts – make communication immediate, and share knowledge in real-time.

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