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In today’s marketplace, almost every employee is now a content contributor. This influx of new content, however, brings about new risks: Legal systems and government regulators worldwide are clamping down and demanding greater compliance, particularly on IT systems, making it essential that organisations quickly implement risk management protocols.
All organisations must be vigilant in creating enforceable policies, training programs, and automated controls to prevent and monitor appropriate access as well as the use and protection of sensitive data – whether they are regulated companies or not. Regulatory bodies worldwide are now shining a bright light on private and publicly-held companies alike, holding them to a high standard for data privacy and security (GDPR 25 May 2018). Doing so will not only mitigate the risk of regulatory and statutory penalties*, but will also go far in preventing an unnecessary erosion of employee or consumer confidence in the organisation as the result of a breach or the loss of sensitive data.
With all-in-one scanning, reporting, and built-in issues resolution, Oxygen GDPR Compliance Guardian in partnership with AvePoint, helps you mitigate risk from the moment data is created through its entire lifecycle, proactively monitoring and neutralising violations of privacy, security, and compliance. The ISAAC Compliance Guardian solution provides individualised reports and dashboards surfacing only relevant issues, automatically delegating violations to the right people so they can be addressed quickly.

Designed to suit businesses of all sizes

From innovative and growing SMB to Enterprise, Compliance Guardian is designed to secure your data

Key Use Cases

Data Discovery

Continuously identify,
map, and analyse data
for alerts of potential privacy,
data protection, or permissions
violations to resolve threats
before they become
costly fines.

Businesses can
identify risk of both
content and context to
better sort and secure
every file, block inappropriate
content, and protect
valued assets.

Data Classification

Standardise classification by
automatically tagging new
and existing content based
on data, context, and

Automated support for
risk-based classification
empowers end users, saves
time, and reduces the
burden on IT resources
while allowing administrators
to automatically enforce
permissions and information
governance policies.

Data Loss Prevention

Implement a plan of action
to proactively monitor and
secure data while enabling
a collaborative working
environment for end users.

Integrate content-level
scans with automated
tagging, classification, and
neutralisation of
potentially sensitive
documents, permissions,
and policy enforcement, as
well as location-based
mobile access controls.

Incident Management

Take action to quickly and
efficiently resolve issues
with security-trimmed and
pre-prioritised reports,
providing guidance to content
owners and compliance teams
to target the most
critical violations.

Empower your
organisation to make
risk-based decisions on
data protection with
comprehensive evidence
of accountability.

Read more and discover all the key benefits by downloading our Oxygen GDPR Compliance PDF here

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*(Under GDPR, organisations in breach of GDPR can be fined up to 4% of annual global turnover or $20 million (whichever is greater) Source: EU GDPR)

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