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Inability to face to face with customers (or colleagues)

Business today still largely functions on face to face meetings, certainly for the majority and at some stage of the sale/agreement/relationship. But what do you do when you cannot face to face? Either because of geographical limitations or, god forbid, enforced lockdown due to a global pandemic…

The former example is more commonplace in todays global marketplace, however the latter is also true (as we have all experienced far too recently) – a lot of people, when asked say ‘oh I use FaceTime or WhatsApp or Zoom..’ – all bona fide video calling solutions, but all with their limitations, be it bandwidth, security, or call time limitations.

The reality is, and never more so than today, your business needs a viable and integrated video calling solution that you use ALL the time, not just in enforced situations. Trust us when we say, being PRESENT at a meeting does not mean you have to GO to that meeting.

ISAAC recommend and use Microsoft Teams. It is part of your Office 365 solution already. It’s easy to use and it’s ultra-secure, more so than any of its competitors. do you really want your Zoom conferences all over Facebook? No… us neither.

Teams is dead easy to set up, but to do it correctly, and to prevent data scatter, it needs to be done in the right way. Our team of Teams experts have used Teams since its inception. We work remotely ALL the time; we could not run our business without it. Imagine what it could do for yours?

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