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Employee Collaboration – Data Silos

Once upon a time, data silos were a good thing... No they were not. Data silos were never a good thing; however, they were often a necessity or a byproduct of manual processes, disparate systems and a divide and conquer approach to business. None of which is really very good at all.  

Today’s digital world means that it is very possible nay, easy, twork in such a way that everyone can, if you so desire, have access to the information you desire them to have access to. In fact, you will have to try really really hard to find any system that doesn’t positively promote collaboration and knowledge sharing (if you do, steer clear because its probably bad news. Very bad news)  

Information that flows through Marketing to Sales to Operations, Finance, Delivery, Fulfilment and Support is a necessity in today’s world. After all growth is what happens when people and teams collaborate.

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