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Employee Collaboration – Information & Document Management

Growth happens when people and teams collaborate and share. Email as the primary source of communication is dwindling; rapidly being overtaken by collaborative apps such as Microsoft Teams. That means that emailing documents back and forth is an activity that is archaic at best. Multiple versions of a document (doc store, your outbox, recipient’s inbox, their doc store, their outbox, your inbox – there’s six copies already!is the quickest way to generate inconsistencies.  

Centrally store, co-author and share documents that never leave your secure data repository is todays way. Share a secure link to a customer proposal with your customer and edit the proposal in real-time as you walk them through it, either in person or remotely (better – think carbon footprint) 

Better still, remove the need for email altogether and use Teams, Slack or Google Hangouts – make communication immediate, and share knowledge in real-time.

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