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Disparate Systems

You may have grown organically, or you may have grown through acquisition or both. In either example, you will have more than one system, portal or application in use within your organisation – perhaps it’s CRM for Sales & Marketing, Xero, Sage, Nav or QuickBooks for Finance, ERP for supply chain or manufacturing or simply Exchange for email and a local file share for document storage and then a whole host of spreadsheets and manual processes involving emails, post-its and maybe even memos that go between individuals and departments in an attempt to create a ‘seamless’ business process.  

Truth is, that’s no use to anyone anymore, and certainly not when a fully automated system is well within reach... imagine a world where all your disparate systems talk to each other and there is no need for manual and laborious manual processes and spreadsheet management. That world is right here.

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Head Office:
+44 (0) 20 3922 1222

Australia Support:
+61 (0) 2 9053 9703

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