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Lack of Customer Touch Points post sale

Hopefully you have hundreds of customers and they are all uber-happy (in the original sense of the phrase, nothing to do with a cab that got really close and then cancelled. In the rain) or if you don’t have hundreds of customers, you probably have plans to have hundreds of customers, which is excellent.  

Don’t make the age-old mistake of de-prioritising how you will manage your customer experience; many think it’s ok to do this using spreadsheets… initially to forecast business, then to manage ops, then before you know where you are you have oodles of spreadsheets and hundreds of notes in your calendar reminding you of renewals and so on… which is bad. Very bad.  

 Oxygen apps manage tasks beautifully, whether one-off or recurring – you choose when your key dates are and what they relate to and the system will remind you what is needed when. It’s also a great place to manage projects using workflow triggers that notify colleagues and other departments that a project or task is ready for their attention.  

 Easily capture notes, assign and share tasks with colleagues, publish content to internal notice boards (Oxygen Intranet), forecast values, close dates, renewal dates, up-sell dates and capture campaign responses, all from your easy to navigate intuitive Oxygen application.

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5 Ways To Improve Customer Engagement – Remotely!

While everything around us is changing, people are becoming more accustomed to virtual and digital interaction and there’s never been a better time to take advantage of this and leverage digital technology to refine your business processes and customer experience.

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