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Our Vision

Today, there is widespread proliferation of information; whether it’s driven by AI, collaboration, remote working, even blockchain. Data generated in today’s world is growing exponentially on a daily basis.

So what?

Well, we all need somewhere to store this information. Somewhere to easily find it. Somewhere that assimilates with the way we want to work; we want to be able to create, store, find, share and collaborate without giving it a second thought. After all, that’s the bit that enables each of us to do what we do.

But it’s not just about collaboration. Data security, legislation, governance, pace of change and recruitment are also key to future successes. To attract the best people, you need to ensure working for you is straightforward and enjoyable; completing endless spreadsheets, struggling to find information, or not being able to work remotely as effectively as you can when office-bound is not fun, enjoyable or even acceptable today.

In short, we knew there was a better way to manage the information we all create; so, we created the Oxygen Digital Workplace.

Great ideas are no longer enough; execution is key, and execution underpinned by a user-centric, automated and scalable platform is king.

By helping you better manage information, we want to change the way you work every day.

Our Team

Jason Yeomans

Managing Director

Jason founded ISAAC in July 2013 and is the former founder and CEO of a successful telecoms and technology business. Retaining a very hands-on role, he is responsible for marketing, business development and finance. In a previous life Jason was a pretty successful sportsman and has used his vast experience from those years to shape what we do today. In his own words:

‘Teamwork and collaboration in sport is rarely doubted, but in business the same desire often feels like trying to achieve the impossible; ISAAC was created to show companies that the cloud, and the transformation process, is actually a relatively straightforward and enjoyable journey that breathes life into people and organisations. Removing complex and stuffy process from business, almost immediately transforms morale, which leads to greater engagement, that automatically increases productivity, customer satisfaction and so on.. Making peoples’ lives simpler is often the sole answer, and that is what we love to do’

Passionate about what business technology and cloud platforms can do for people, Jason also acts as our thought-leader, inspiring us and our customers to think differently to achieve great results.

Stuart has an enviable ability to translate customer needs and requirements into technical language that our ops and tech teams understand and vice versa, ensuring that the customer solution delivered is actually the solution our customer wanted. Officially joining in Dec 2014, Stuart had previously worked closely with the ISAAC team, where it was clear he was the obvious choice to lead the consultancy side of the business.  Adopting a personal and hands on approach to understand customer challenges and frustrations, Stuarts team creates first class briefs for transformational change. With a strong background in business consultancy, specialising in converged communications, cloud computing platforms and business process analysis, Stuarts team guide our customer along every step of the journey. A few words from Stuart

I’ve always had a love for technology and would confess to being a bit of a geek at heart. My interest, though, has always focused on how the use and development of technology can enrich and benefit our lives. I’m a people person and the success of any technology, for me, is judged by the impact it has on the people that use it.

In business, I enjoy working with the people that form the companies we work with and seek to ensure that everything we deliver hits the mark of success from ground floor end user right up to senior management, and I love seeing the results.


Stuart Durrell-Potter

Creative & Technical Director

Iain Parker-Strak

Head of Customer Success and Marketing

Iain has spent the last 11 years in a senior operational role at global telecoms giant, Vodafone, where he carved a highly trusted reputation as an innovative and reliable operational leader, with an ability to bring about progressive change and truly tangible results.

Vodafone is renowned as a global leader in providing cutting-edge solutions to their customers, but I was always struck by the fact that internal day to day processes did not follow what we classed as best-practice and, as is common in many companies today, departments were singularly effective, but collaboratively ineffective; largely working in silos and all creating duplication as individuals battled against disparate processes and information resources.
Although I can be a complete geek, I am really a layman at heart; my ethos is that life can be simple if you make it so, even the most seemingly complex processes can be broken down and made easy, and my aim is to help our customers realise the full potential of their team and company through using Office 365 and our associated tools to leverage the greatest return on an incredibly powerful platform.

Stuart has over 20 Years’ experience in the IT Industry and over 15 Years in IT Management. He comes from an IT Support background and specialises in the delivery, maintenance and support of IT infrastructure and services. Having managed end user support for over 500 employees across multiple locations, Stuart understands the importance of delivering IT services that work for everyone. He has a passionate enthusiasm for customer support and ensuring that all members of your team are getting the most out of the systems and services we deliver. 

Having worked in IT Management and Support for over 20 years, you soon realise that patience is key. I am happiest finding solutions to problems and teaching users how things can be done better and more efficiently.  

I understand that most users are not techies and they just want solutions that work when they want them to. If a solution doesn’t make your life easier and more efficient, then it’s not a solution. I find it frustrating to see businesses waste time and money on expensive and low-grade solutions, which is why I have been heavily invested in learning, using and supporting Office 365 since its inception.  

At ISAAC, our Oxygen Digital Workplace suite and Digital Transformation solutions provide your business with exactly the tools you need to make everyone’s working life easier. Whether you are a Small Business or a huge Enterprise, we have the tools, experience and expertise to help you realise the full potential of the very powerful Office 365 Platform and its associated Microsoft Suite of products. Afterall, if things work for you, it only makes my job easier! 

Stuart Clark

Operations Director

Our History


ISAAC is born

Incubated under our parent company we embark on extensive R&D and the journey towards collaborative app utopia.


ISAAC is restructured and launched

We facilitate a management buyout from our parent co and our launch includes bespoke SharePoint development & ‘basic CRM’.


Oxygen Apps are launched

Oxygen App Suite for Office 365 & SharePoint Online launched – revenues double – customers come to us from UK, USA, Mainland Europe and Middle East.


ISAAC expands to Australia & Asia

Oxygen App Suite launched to Australia & Asia with opening of office in Sydney – year on year triple digit revenue growth.


Oxygen Digital Workplace & Global Partner Programme launched

The Oxygen Digital Workplace is released to market. Global Partner Programme is overhauled to help bring our innovation to as wide an audience as possible.

ISAAC was born out of a desire to operate more effectively. Cool technology is inherent in everything we all do, and automation is a key and tangible benefit of that rapid growth and innovation. But tech is only cool because it enables humans to achieve greater things. In our personal lives this is true, but in business we are still required to adapt to machines or systems. We plan to change that.

ISAAC was created to enable people to change the way they work; providing business systems that meet every single user in their comfort zone, connected to a single source of data, allowing each of us to work the way that suits us best, using consistent and automated processes and workflows.

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