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Our Vision
The Oxygen Digital Workplace enables everyone to work the way they want. It simplifies operational processes and transforms employee engagement.
Today, there is widespread proliferation of information; whether it’s driven by AI, collaboration, remote working, even blockchain. Data generated in today’s world is growing exponentially on a daily basis.

So what?

Well, we all need somewhere to store this information. Somewhere to easily find it. Somewhere that assimilates with the way we want to work; we want to be able to create, store, find, share and collaborate without giving it a second thought. After all, that’s the bit that enables each of us to do what we do.

But it’s not just about collaboration. Data security, legislation, governance, pace of change and recruitment are also key to future successes. To attract the best people, you need to ensure working for you is straightforward and enjoyable; completing endless spreadsheets, struggling to find information, or not being able to work remotely as effectively as you can when office-bound is not fun, enjoyable or even acceptable today.

In short, we knew there was a better way to manage the information we all create; so, we created the Oxygen Digital Workplace.

Great ideas are no longer enough; execution is key, and execution underpinned by a user-centric, automated and scalable platform is king.

By helping you better manage information, we want to change the way you work every day.

Our Team
Our Team
Our History


is born

Incubated under our parent co we embark on extensive R&D and the journey towards collaborative app utopia.


ISAAC is restructured and launched

We facilitate a management buyout from our parent co and our launch includes bespoke SharePoint development & ‘basic CRM’.


Oxygen Apps are launched

Oxygen App Suite for Office 365 & SharePoint Online launched – revenues double – customers come to us from UK, USA, Mainland Europe and Middle East.



ISAAC expands to Australia & Asia

Oxygen App Suite launched to Australia & Asia with opening of office in Sydney – year on year triple digit revenue growth.


Oxygen Digital Workplace & Global Partner Programme launched

The Oxygen Digital Workplace is released to market. Global Partner Programme is overhauled to help bring our innovation to as wide an audience as possible.

ISAAC was born out of a desire to operate more effectively. Cool technology is inherent in everything we all do, and automation is a key and tangible benefit of that rapid growth and innovation. But tech is only cool because it enables humans to achieve greater things. In our personal lives this is true, but in business we are still required to adapt to machines or systems. We plan to change that.

ISAAC was created to enable people to change the way they work; providing business systems that meet every single user in their comfort zone, connected to a single source of data, allowing each of us to work the way that suits us best, using consistent and automated processes and workflows.

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