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So here it is… Lockdown Mark III (in the UK) – this one destined to last at least 6 weeks, probably 8 and maybe all the way to the end of March around Easter in some form or another. At least. The UK Chief Medical Officer, Professor Chris Whitty, has already been clearly suggested that it is highly likely that we will face further restrictions next Winter too (2021/22)  

When Corona Virus unveiled itself to the World and we were all subsequently plunged into Lockdown in March/April 2020, the feeling was it would last until summer and we would then be free to get back to ‘normal’ life. Restrictions were easedwe ate out to help out, and the sun was shining – it almost felt like the World was fine and dandy again. Not so further restrictions in Autumn, increasing over the festive period and plunged into further lockdown on Jan 4th 2021 

 This is now very clear2021 will be peppered with restrictions and further challenges to how businesses operate – a flexible Remote Working strategy and solution is absolutely key to not only success, but survival. 

 Working from home is tough. It’s great when we can choose how and when we do so, but when forced, combined with home-schooling your kids, entertaining your pets, and maintaining harmony with your partneryou require a home working set-up that is both effective and efficient. You cannot sit crouched over a laptop day in day out or you will suffer such discomfort that tensions will rise, nerves will fray and the harmonious partner relationship you were aiming for will be out the window on day 1.  

 Home working setup therefore is criticalLaptop, dock, twin screens positioned at a height level with your eye-line, separate keyboard and mouse.  

 Once you have the ergonomics tuned, you need to consider what your role entails and how working from home will affect that. How will you interact with colleagues and customers? How can you access files and documents that are stored either physically or on a server in the office? Is email going to take over your life? How do you do all of this and ensure all data is secure and not compromised? 

 Easy – employees can use personal machines at home… NO!  

 Old, largely incompatible machines used my multiple members of one family, often for gaming and lacking appropriate security levels and without any centralised management software are a HUGE risk to your company assets and data. It is no coincidence that data breaches and online scammers have profited hugely during periods of lockdown.  

 The right technology, supported by the right software, is paramountA dedicated machine with secure Systems Management software (sometimes called MDM, or Mobile Device Management), robust security protocols in place (Proactive Anti-Virus. Advanced Threat Protection, anti-phishing, and anti-spam). Retaining a detailed and real-time inventory of your assets is also key in protecting your investment. 

 Last, but by no means least on the list of requirements for the Complete Remote Working Solution’ is secure cloud storage for intuitive document and file management. This ensures you can access all company digital assets from any location, securely and with infinite ease. No more flaky VPN connections to the office (the router is offline again, who can go in and reset that? sound familiar?!)Additionally, no need to email huge files to one another, creating multiple copies, tracking changes, and generally getting very confused because you normally print things out and scribble on docs. Co-author in real-time with multiple colleagues and even external users (customers, partners), share and collaborate across Word, Excel, PowerPoint and use Microsoft Teams for secure instant messaging and video calls or broadcasts – we even use it as our entire phone system. 

 As you might expect, as seasoned experts in Remote and Flexible Working solutions (we first created the Weightless Office concept back in 2010!), we know a lot about how to get the most out of your remote working strategy and which solutions work best for which organisations. 

 The list of solutions, features and benefits is long – the key is to match it to your requirements with a partner who cares about your business and understands what features will achieve the best results for your organisation and culture, without overloading employees with too many changes. 

 To help simplify your move to Remote Working, we have created 3 easy options for you to select from, these are detailed below – for everything else, we have a huge range of solutions; please check our full website nav, or call us on 020 3922 1222 or click here to send us a message  

Global Brand Name Laptop (Dell, HP, Fujitsu) 

  • i5-10th Gen Intel Processor 
  • Windows 10 Pro 
  • 8GB RAM 
  • 256GB SSD 
  • 14″ Screen 
  • Fully managed device 
  • Includes new laptop after two years (if initial term extended)   
  • Final Option to Purchase Payment – £99 or simply renew to receive new laptop 



“A laptop that’s both business-like and functional. Capable of easily handling moderate to heavy Microsoft Office use, including Excel, Word, Power BI and PowerPoint. It also provides robust Microsoft Teams online video calling capabilities from the in-built camera.” 
Global Brand Name Laptop (Dell, HP, Fujitsu)

  • i5-10th Gen Intel Processor
  • Windows 10 Pro
  • 8GB RAM
  • 256GB SSD
  • 14″ Screen
  • Twin LED Screens (22”)
  • Laptop Dock
  • Wireless Keyboard & Mouse
  • Fully managed device
  • Includes new laptop and screens after two years (if initial term extended)
  • Final Option to Purchase Payment – £149 or simply renew to receive new laptop and screens


“All the benefits of a highly functional, yet great value laptop combined with the added benefit of twin 22” LED flat screens, a laptop dock providing expanded connectivity ports, and wireless keyboard and mouse to save your shoulders and neck from unnecessary strain”

Secure Cloud Collaboration & Storage SolutionOxygen Intranet, for internal co-authoring, sharing and easy and secure management of all internal documents and files 


Secure Cloud Collaboration Storage Solution; Oxygen Document Management, for customer and supplier document/file management, along with company, contact and associated task management; features include co-authoring, sharing and easy secure management of all customer and/or supplier document and files.  


Take Remote Working to the next level and make it truly flexible. Securely store all digital company assets, internal and external in a secure, cloud storage and management solution, enabling you and your colleagues to easily access, share and collaborate on documents of all kinds”  

Additional solutions and services include:  

  • Secure Cloud CRM 
  • Secure Cloud HR 
  • Advanced Analytics Configuration & Management with Microsoft Power BI 
  • End User Support & Systems Administration – Hardware, Office 365 and Gmail 
  • Cloud Infrastructure Security Configuration, Management and AntiVirus 
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Infrastructure Solutions 
  • Data Migration 
  • Plus, many more… Contact Us 

Terms: Prices are per user, per month and based on a minimum of 10 users – other options are available, please contact us to discuss. Minimum term of 24 months, which auto-renews and provides hardware refresh after two years. All subscriptions payable quarterly in advance. A Deposit may be required. All hardware remains the property of ISAAC Intelligence Limited and must be returned upon termination of the agreement after the minimum term. Prices subject to VAT at the prevailing rate.

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