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Sharing your Outlook calendar within your own organization.

Sharing your Outlook calendar is a common question we see so this post is a very quick and simple guide to doing so.

Navigate to your calendar in Outlook, then right click your calendar and select “Sharing Permissions”

Then click Add
Next, search for the user(s) with whom you’d like to share your calendar, double click to add them and then click Ok
Now you need to select the permissions you’d like to assign, we always recommend granting the most restrictive permissions, the permissions options are outlined below

Can view when I’m busy

The most restrictive permission, viewers will only see coloured blocks in your calendar when you have an appointment/meeting, they will not see any other details

Can view titles and locations

Fairly self explanatory, they will see the location of your meeting and the title but will not see any other details such as the body text of the meeting.

Can view all details

They see everything as you would

Can edit

Allows the viewer to modify details of meeting and appointments, can be useful for personal assistants but use this option only where you really have to.

Removing access to your calendar

If you’d like to remove access to your calendar then simply right click your calendar and select Sharing permissions, highlight the user you’d like to remove and hot the remove button

I hope you’ve found this short guide useful, if you’d like help with any aspect of your Microsoft 365 environment the ndo get in touch, the team would be happy to discuss our producs and services.

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