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Logging into and staying logged into Microsoft/Office 365

One of the conveniences of the modern world is being able to sign in to a service is having that service remember who we are, saving time and frustration with constant login prompts!

Microsoft 365 is no different.

Warning: You should only ever choose the option to stay signed in to Microsoft 365 on a trusted device such as a work computer/laptop, you should NEVER choose this option if you sign in on an untrusted public device.

Ok, so now the warning is out of the way, how do you stay signed in to Microsoft 365?

The Microsoft 365 sign in page can be found at https://www.office.com

When you login to Office 365 using either a password or password/MFA prompt you should be presented with the following dialog box.

Clicking Yes means that for this browser you will remain logged into Microsoft 365 unless you

  1. Sign out from the Microsoft 365 menu
  2. Clear your browser cache/cookies

If you click No then you will be kept signed unless you

  1. Sign out from the Microsoft 365 menu
  2. Close the browser session

If when logging in you are not seeing this prompt it’s possible that at some point in time you said No to the prompt and also selected the “don’t show this again” checkbox, in this instance you may be prompted to enter your password/MFA details for every session you start, if that’s the case then try the following

  1. Sign out of Microsoft 365
  2. Clear the browser cache and cookies
  3. Close and restart the browser
  4. Login to Microsoft 365

The prompt should reappear and you can make the appropriate choice.

Note that I’ve said this applies to your current browser, if you use multiple browsers then you would need to perform the above for each browser you use, for more information on which browser you should be using for microsoft 365 see our blog post here

Once you are logged in to Microsoft 365 the home page gives you access to web versions of all of the products your license allows – Word, Excel, OneDrive etc.

You will also have access to any recently viewed/edited documents and folders across all of Microsoft 365, including documents which have been shared with you by colleagues.

Staying signed in to Office applications

In order to stay signed in in Office applications such as Word or Excel then make sure that you have installed the applications from within your Office portal, we have a blog post on this here

You will stay signed in to Office unless you specifically sign out, if you do so then you will be prompted to sign back in with your password/MFA credentials.

I hope you’ve found this post useful, if you need assistance with your Microsoft 365 journey then do get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

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