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This is a follow up article to one that my colleague Jamil Stewart wrote a few months ago about setting up the OneDrive sync client.

His excellent article which you can find here deals with this process on Windows, a number of our customers use Macs rather than Windows and whilst the process is largely similar the process is a little different.

The setup:

Once the file has been downloaded, install it and run through the steps. You will need to sign in with your Office 365 email and password.

Now you need to tell OneDrive which folders you want to sync from your own OneDrive storage space, click the OneDrive icon in your toolbar and select preference from the … menu

From the account tab click choose folders and then select the folders from your OneDrive you’d like to sync.

Click Ok and OneDrive will start syncing your files to your Mac

Syncing from SharePoint

As Jamil pointed out in his article, OneDrive can sync with SharePoint as well as with OneDrive, it’s a poorly named product and confuses most people (yes, we know and it frustrates us too).

To sync with a SharePoint site just navigate to the SharePoint library you wish to sync and select the sync button from the library toolbar

The following dialog will appear

Click open and then select the files/folders you’d like to sync

OneDrive will now sync your SharePoint files/folders and they will be accessible along with any of your own OneDrive files.

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