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FREE business systems and information management SWOT assessment – with our #BacktoWork & #kickstarttheeconomy Audit

We recently ran various polls across Social Media, and whilst it’s clear that the vast majority of employees really want a flexible working future, it’s also clear that many companies have had to, wherever possible, pivot existing tech and IT, alongside information management systems. Current environments and systems are not suited to Remote or Flexible working and, as such, the whole experience is a clunky and largely ineffective workaround – it’s a square peg, round hole scenario.

This is problematic and raises not only accessibility issues, but security and collaborative issues as well. Systems designed purely to work in an office, tend not to work well remotely. It is not bad design; it is akin to trying to get a car to float – It is not a boat

As a result, many experiences have not equated to the Remote Working paradise that many talk about. Ally this to the overall lack of confidence in the economy, the increased mental health stresses around not only productivity but largely around job safety concerns, and you have a situation that, if not addressed, will lead to very slow economic recovery.

Only recently we heard from a Managing Director who stated that all employees were working very well from home and they had been largely unaffected. The CTO on the other hand, pointed out in hushed tones that all wasn’t as it appeared… yes, it looks ‘ok’ but it’s not really fit for purpose, isn’t scalable and is causing him many a sleepless night. Funny how opinions… and facts, differ.

As part of ISAACs commitment to helping get the economy back on its feet and truly thriving, we are offering an ENTIRELY FREE review of your business systems and information management.

Focusing on your readiness towards Flexible Working, you will receive a comprehensive SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) report on your current systems, highlighting: –

  • Your current Information Management systems:
    • What you have
    • Where they are
    • What they do.
  • Their effectiveness in catering to flexible working requirements
  • User experience survey* on working during lockdown:
    • Employees & Customers
    • What worked, what did not.
    • What they missed and what they hope for.
  • Security audit
  • Accessibility audit
  • Cost analysis – Current v Potential

Your #KickStarttheEconomy Report will enable you to quantify and prioritise potential technology upgrades, required (if any) changes to business processes, alongside valuable user training based on gap analysis.

*Requires Board level consent to anonymously poll your employees & customers on user experience during normal business operation (pre-lockdown) as well as throughout lockdown. To encourage honesty, feedback is provided anonymously. No employee or customer names are required or collated by ISAAC Intelligence Limited.

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