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Many organisations are using Power BI to visualise and analyse their internal company data and present it to their employees in creative ways.

Power BI allows you to connect to a huge number of data sources both inside and outside of your Office 365 tenancy, you can connect to SharePoint lists and libraries to report on data held there, a Dynamics 365 instance, SQL databases hosted in Azure and to external services such as Facebook and Google Analytics.

Reports built on these data sources are then shared internally, either as static reports or something a little more interactive.

Ok so what? you knew this already right?

But did you know you can embed a report created within Power BI into any public website?

That’s right, a report you’ve created from your own internal data (or data held in other cloud locations) can be shared publicly on the internet.

The following two reports are based on fictional sales data held in SharePoint lists inside the ISAAC Office 365 tenant.

This report is interactive, try zooming the map, select one of the countries to see the sales data in the table filtered for that country.

The following chart is also interactive, try selecting an item type to see the total number of items and the pie chart change according to your selection.

Really cool isn’t it?

Many businesses would want to be able to publish this kind of interactive data on their websites but plugins and tools to do this on platforms such as WordPress are difficult to configure and not very flexible.

This solution brings the strengths of Power BI to your website


Note that this data is completely public and available to the entire internet, you should never publish any sensitive company information in this way.

ISAAC are experts on data and analytics, if you require assistance with reporting on your data, whether you’ll be sharing that internally or externally then get in touch, we’d love to help you with your reporting challenges.

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