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For as little as £15 per person, we now offer remote training sessions, focused on essential aspects of Office 365. With the advent of Covid-19 and increased requirement to work from home, these sessions provide an excellent opportunity to engage and empower your workforce.

Yammer is Microsoft’s Enterprise Social Network, embedded into your Office 365 environment. Unlike most of the other tools within Office 365 the exact purpose of Yammer and how to get the most out of it isn’t entirely obvious, this training course outlines best practices for getting started with yammer and how to make your implementation a success. 

Many organizations reject the idea of using a social media tool, feeling that it has no relevance to their business and that it will distract people from their daily jobs and reduce productivityhowever with a little planning and thought we can help you to deliver a new way for your team members to collaborate. 

What’s Covered:

  • Accessing Yammer via the web and desktop app/mobile
  • Overview of the Yammer interface
  • Working with Yammer groups
  • How (and when) to use the various Yammer post types
  • Using Yammer in various business scenarios
  • Yammer versus other tools (Teams, Email)
  • Public vs private groups
  • Moderating your Yammer network

Questions Answered:

  • Why should I use Yammer?
  • When should I use Yammer?
  • How can I keep employees engaged?

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