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For as little as £15 per person, we now offer remote training sessions, focused on essential aspects of Office 365. With the advent of Covid-19 and increased requirement to work from home, these sessions provide an excellent opportunity to engage and empower your workforce.

To help our business users understand how to maximise the value from the Microsoft’s communication platform, dispel a few myths and clear up the confusion, we know self help videos aren’t always enough. We can provide a 1 hour, remote training session to help you get to know the Teams experience better and get the best from it. You may be considering using it in your business, or you may have it installed but be confused about all the features and how to use them.

What’s covered:

  • Overview of Microsoft Teams applications; Desktop, Web and Mobile
  • Managing your profile and personal settings to control notifications, current status and more
  • Find what you’re looking for with Activity, Search and History
  • Communication via Chat. 1 to 1, Group and Meeting Attendees. Learn about simple and Rich content and how to manage the ‘noise’ effectively
  • Teams and Channels. Learn what they’re for, when to use them vs Chat, alternative permissions and controls, make announcements and manage replies.
  • Navigating your Calendar, create and manage meetings and Live Events, access and manage pre and post meeting collateral.
  • Making Calls, 1 to 1 and group calls with video or just audio
  • Access your files, share them with colleagues and collaborate effectively.

Questions Answered:

  • What’s the difference between Team Channel discussions and Chat?
  • What else can I access through Teams?
  • How to I share content?
  • What about Permissions? Who can do and see what?
  • How do I let my colleagues know when AND when I’m not free?
  • How do I manage the NOISE while still working and collaborating effectively?

If you want to ensure your team get the best from Teams…. give the ISAAC Team a shout!

If you want to understand more about what Teams might do for you and what to consider before deploying it in your business, read our recent Blog on Microsoft Teams, Goods, Guide and Gotchas.

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