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For as little as £15 per person, we now offer remote training sessions, focused on essential aspects of Office 365. With the advent of Covid-19 and increased requirement to work from home, these sessions provide an excellent opportunity to engage and empower your workforce.

You may use OneDrive storage already, or have files stored in SharePoint for your business… OR, you may be unsure of what it can do for you and so still using local storage, a file server, or other cloud based document storage. We offer a concise, 1 hour remote training session focused on the wider OneDrive experience.

We go over the features of the whole OneDrive platform and how to get the best from it. We will look at the web experience, powerful search capability, Sync tool, ‘recent documents’ and more. The goal is to make sure you can manage your documents easily and always know the best way to get to what you need, quickly and easily.

What’s Covered:

  • Overview of the OneDrive experience, via the web, desktop and mobile apps
  • Search capability and functionality
  • Working with colleagues; sharing, security and co-authoring
  • Syncing files, working offline and managing your local storage

Questions Answered:

  • What can I access with OneDrive? Is it just my files, or SharePoint too?
  • Will syncing files fill up my hard drive?
  • How can I find the file I need – I’ve lots of data!
  • How do I share files and find the files that were shared with me?
  • What devices does it work with? Mac, PC, Mobile?
  • Why should I still use the web experience when I have the Sync tool on my desktop?

If you want to get the best from OneDrive and ensure your team are fully equipped to find, file and manage their documents, why not contact the ISAAC team to discuss some training.

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