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For as little as £15 per person, we now offer remote training sessions, focused on essential aspects of Office 365. With the advent of Covid-19 and increased requirement to work from home, these sessions provide an excellent opportunity to engage and empower your workforce.
Having the right tools for the job is half the battle, but knowing how to use them effectively is critical to working effectively. New technology is daunting and, let’s face it, all technology is new. As soon as you’ve got used to it, they launch an update and there’s new stuff to learn. Additionally, more and more applications and platforms become available and it becomes hard to know what, why, how and when to use it all. No one likes change, so the easy answer is to try and keep doing what you’ve always done. It seems the best option – often better than attempting to work out how to do something new on your own, when you’re busy. But this will just leave you behind and slow your business down.
Focused, short and engaging training, delivered remotely, can be an incredibly powerful fuel to keep people up to speed on the tools they have available to them and give them the confidence to adapt and use new technology to it’s full.

The advantages and benefits of good training are threefold:

1: Empowerment

Providing users with the information and support needed to become stronger and more confident. Removing the fear of the unknown and creating an opportunity to grow.

2: Engagement

Supporting employees with appropriate and regular training will give them comfort and evoke increased emotional commitment to their role. It shows that they aren’t expected to know everything and that there is help available for them to learn more.

Additionally, bringing employees together in training sessions creates a sense of ‘Team‘ instead of ‘self’. They’re all in this together. This is especially true for remote workers who can feel isolated. A team training session, delivered remotely, allows them to gather together with colleagues and support each other after the session.

3: Enlightenment

With knowledge and support comes a sense of calm. Employees will feel reassured and be able to comfortably and confidently use all the tools available to them.

Combining these three elements will inspire confidence and energy in your team. This leads to greatly increased productivity and company loyalty.

We have a range of remote training options that cover the essential parts of using the Microsoft Cloud. Split into core subject and delivered over the web in 1 hour sessions, there’s plenty of opportunity to find the right session or package of sessions to suit your business.

ISAAC Training Options Include:

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