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For as little as £15 per person, we now offer remote training sessions, focused on essential aspects of Office 365. With the advent of Covid-19 and increased requirement to work from home, these sessions provide an excellent opportunity to engage and empower your workforce.

Word, Excel, PowerPoint… we all know them, but when connected with the Microsoft Office platform, they are more than just isolated applications.

Our 1 hour collaboration training, delivered remotely, goes deeper into how the applications are connected and integrated with the Microsoft Cloud and how they can help you get more done with your colleagues.

You almost certainly use these applications already, you may already have office 365, but are you using both tools together, seamlessly? We can help.

What’s covered:

  • Installing Office and connecting it to your Office 365 environment
  • Desktop vs Web Applications
  • Accessing your recent documents, at your desk and on the move
  • Sharing work with your colleagues and external contacts and controlling what access they have
  • Live collaboration with Co-Authoring
  • Version control
  • What to store where and when – OneDrive vs SharePoint vs Teams

Questions Answered:

  • How do I save documents to Office 365?
  • Should I be emailing attached documents to colleagues and contacts?
  • Can I work offline?
  • How do I copy or move documents between locations like OneDrive and SharePoint etc
  • What’s the best way to discuss points and changes on a document?
  • Can I tell if someone edits my document?

Help your team get more from Microsoft Office and work more effectively with their colleagues – get in touch to discuss your training.

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