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Three Ways to use Culture to ensure Digital Transformation is a success

Digital transformation requires more than just new shiny software and apps and the promise that your employees will grow to love them. Embracing a new digital culture can be a huge change and in some cases become a struggle, as employees engage with new touch-points, new technologies and new ways of working.

Instead of looking at them as a liability, you must recognise the powerful part that your employees play on the road to success for digital transformation. To use culture to your advantage, business leaders must reinforce the importance of all employees — regardless of role, seniority or department — to your success.


  1. Share the Why and the How.
    You can’t simply chuck digital transformation their way and expect them to lap it up. You must share the vision of what you are trying to achieve, and why, in order for everyone in the business to understand how crucial digital transformation is but also how it will improve their working lives day to day. Consistently reinforce the why and how and communicate this internally, be it during steering groups, internal messages or cascading this verbally through your management team. It may seem like this is far too much communication, but for your employees, this actually ends up creating an environment of anticipation that will get them excited about the possibilities and improvements brought about by digital transformation.
  2. Empower Your People
    Digital transformation in most cases requires rapid change. Embracing rapid change requires the consent of those who will bear the brunt of new policies, procedures and processes. Wherever possible and appropriate, ensure that you include your employees in the decision-making — allow them to provide feedback on what makes sense and what doesn’t. Enabling your employees to help make these decisions creates a culture of empowerment and trust, and engages your entire workforce in the success of your transformation.  It might be easy to change technology, infrastructure, processes and policies. But without slowly changing people and their mindset, the success of the change may be short lived
  3. Remove the Silos.
    Make sure that technology is helping, not hindering. Beyond the technology, it’s absolutely key to remind everyone in the business, regardless of their role, that they each have an important role in supporting the overall customer experience and the success of the business that this inevitably brings. Developers, support engineers, salespeople, trainers, marketers, finance ….they all have a vital part to play in the customer journey. Help your team members make their bit memorable!

By enabling a culture where all employees’ opinions and contributions are valued, you’ll ultimately use culture to drive the digital transformation and ensure its success

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