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With a little over 6 weeks to go until GDPR takes effect, many companies, particularly in the small to medium sector, and who don’t have access to huge budgets, are struggling to know where to begin.

Yes, there are very helpful articles and guides available from the ICO, such as their 12-step guide; but because GDPR application is nuanced in its application depending on the data you hold, your business processes and workflows, it can be difficult to make sense of exactly what you need to do to begin your journey to GDPR compliance. All you know is you MUST do so before 25th May 2018 – the risks of not doing so are too great.

That is why ISAAC in partnership with AvePoint, have created the ISAAC Privacy Impact Assessment (IPIA).

IPIA is both a tool and a managed service, designed to enable you to achieve compliance with GDPR and other privacy regulations (depending on who governs data privacy in your region) for minimum outlay, creating that all important starting point on your road to GDPR compliance. Once configured, IPIA can run at pre-configured intervals, ensuring data privacy is always on the agenda, but in an easy to manage and automated way.

Download our PDF fact sheet today and learn how to comply, automate and report on privacy impact assessments (PIAs) for stakeholder review. Or Contact Us – 020 8100 6119 – to discuss how IPIA can transform the way you view GDPR.

‘IPIA is so good at solving the GDPR headache it should be available from your pharmacist!’

Download our IPIA PDF factsheet here

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