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Offering Hosted Phone Systems, Cloud Computing Solutions and IT Support and Consultancy, led to CommSys previously being ranked amongst Australia’s fastest growing technology companies by Deloitte’s.

ISAAC Intelligence today continued their push into the Asia Pacific Region by announcing a double-whammy win; first appointing a new partner in CommSys, also adding them as a new customer, to provide a new Office 365 and SharePoint Online based Oxygen CRM and Order Processing & Management solution to replace their legacy Sage ERP.

CommSys, based in Sydney, NSW is a very well established and forward-thinking Business Communications and IT systems provider with a loyal and rapidly growing customer base, built around their renowned customer service and innovative approach to customer challenges.

When we initially started talking to ISAAC, we could see the value their Oxygen solutions provided to customers, and immediately saw the benefit of partnering to offer these innovative solutions to our own customer base. As we began to study the individual solutions in greater detail, it became clear that we were looking at a very viable replacement for our ageing Sage ERP.

Having used Sage for many years, we had adapted the stock solution to cater for our very specific customer focus – the ability to develop the Oxygen apps from ISAAC, such as their CRM in a very cost-effective and scalable manner was the deciding factor, and we look forward to rolling out our new Oxygen CRM and Order Management Solution in the coming weeks.

Brad King

Business Improvement Manager, CommSys

Garth Paul, BDD Asia Pacific, ISAAC and Brad King, CommSys Business Improvement Manager

CommSys has been built on a strong set of core values, and we are delighted to partner with the team at ISAAC, and look forward to bringing their innovative solutions to our wider customer base.

Mal Smith

Managing Director, CommSys

Our core focus when we launched earlier this year was to bring our innovative Office 365 Apps to as wide a customer base as possible; partnering with established and successful businesses such as Mal, Brad and the team at CommSys, is exactly the kind of partnership we love – they share our core values and beliefs in how the cloud and collaborative apps should be approached by the SMB sector. It’s very exciting and a great feeling to be growing in this wonderful region. To also add the guys as a customer is further proof of the value of the Oxygen app range for today’s growing businesses.

Garth Paul

Business Development Director, ISAAC Asia Pacific

Further Information:

ISAAC Intelligence PTY Ltd, +61 (02) 9275 8898 – garth@isaacintel.com.au

CommSys, +61 1300 553 084- sales@commsys.com.au

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