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As technology continues to advance, it’s almost laughable that we should find reason to complain about it so often. Instant entertainment at our fingertips, the ability to communicate from wherever we are, and access to a colossal amount of knowledge whenever we need or want it. Imagine telling someone even fifty years ago that in a few years they would be able to find, discover or research almost any kind of information with a small device they kept in their pocket? And yet, sometimes you can indeed have too much of a good thing.

According to reports in 2014, the average business traveller carried three mobile devices for work and had at least five different username and passwords to access their various platforms and applications. For a lot of companies, the question before and since has been centred around how best to manage or combine all the different platforms, applications, tools and devices that employees use to communicate and work together. But maybe we are looking at it from the wrong angle. Sure, you want to be able to take advantage of the technology you have access to, but by striving to leverage technology to simplify processes, we have actually complicated and disseminated the information we use on a daily basis. Further saturation of hardware (no matter how cutting edge) along with an exploding app population only serves to further muddy the already murky information superhighway.

Stay single

A single multi-user experience is the notion that multiple users should be capable of accessing and interacting with a single source of data, via one single sign-on (one username or password) regardless of platform (desktop, tablet, smartphone). This creates a uniform approach and enables people to interact with a single information source, creating continuity and positively supercharging collaboration.

The Office 365 platform is Microsoft’s answer to the disparate and disjointed user experience that many have become accustomed to. However, while deployment a great first step for Office 365 users, there are many ways in which the raw platform can be further developed to pull together many of its functions into a single workflow across a complete department or organisation.

This is where ISAAC comes in. Our belief is that accessing information should be straight forward and simple, a result of which is that people engage and collaborate more prolifically. Our solutions supercharge the already comprehensive O365 platform by adding CRM, Intranet and HR process functionality, automating many, if not all, manual workflows. This ensures people can focus on what’s important to them, rather than admin process.

Where user experience meets information

The single multi-user experience is only possible when information is in one single location, accessed via your own single username and password, regardless of which device you are working on. Once logged in, you are presented with all of your information; emails, client and contact records in CRM, associated documents, your company internal marketing material, templates, policies and even events and holiday calendars. With our CRM solution a document library is automatically created when you create a customer record—so that document library is directly associated with the customer record; you can switch from company record to documents with a click, tap or swipe.

The single multi-user experience is vital in fuelling productivity, but that’s really a by-product; simplifying user-experience, and automating tasks and workflows through a familiar platform (regardless of device) creates engagement. Engagement boosts morale, which in turn positively impacts productivity. Align that with the productivity boost in automating tasks and it’s a win/win. Disparate applications and/or user experience mean users see different versions of the same information. ISAAC solutions provide a single version of the truth that you can access from anywhere.

The simple life

With this approach, the end user experience is simple; easily access and interact with all company, customer, supplier and personal information; emails, CRM, documents, history, IM threads and requests. Simplicity is key – by removing process and bottle-necks (remembering a password, locating a document or record history) leaves people to do what they do best. Less time completing manual process in favour of more time talking to customers, collaborating with colleagues; achieving more, stressing less. Our focus at ISAAC is on user experience and information rather than technology (although that’s obviously important too!). It’s the human element that’s at the forefront of what we do.

Streamline your business processes

Office 365 is more than just Exchange email in the cloud; it’s a cloud infrastructure that has the power of the Microsoft cloud behind it. What is possible is rarely limited by the technology but by the users making the most of everything on offer. ISAAC harness this power to simplify user life by streamlining and automating business process.

Accelerate learning. Grow your business

Less time on process, more time collaborating, interacting, communicating, learning. The beauty is in the simplicity of the user experience. The results are astounding. Office 365 users can expect the following:

Employee role

Managing access and permissions is a single process, removing complexity from governance and ensuring compliant and secure results within seconds.


The device becomes simply a ‘portal’ through which to access your information. It doesn’t matter if it is a personal or a corporate device, security is the same, and easily managed to lock down compromised devices within seconds. The deployment of a replacement or temporary device can quickly be configured to access the secure single information source.

Context of use & place

Access from anywhere, at any time, on any device and always see the same information in the same format.

ISAAC solutions simply process and supercharge Office 365 users

Creating a great experience guarantees adoption. Underpinning this with robust, reliable and secure technology ensures it always works. That much is clear and achievable through a single multi-user platform. But what if you already have reliable tools completing part of your process (Sage in finance or an order booking system perhaps) – this is where the cloud can really force simple, useable change into legacy systems; most systems connect together in today’s world, meaning we can easily engage CRM and Finance to automate manual processes rather than relying on people to pass requisitions or mandates to complete tasks.

The result is that your technology will be more widely used and more easily adopted by employees whose experience is transformed from clunky and manual to automated and familiar. At ISAAC, we believe in a streamlined working experience through centralising information and making it accessible by everyone (managed by permissions of course). A single multi-user experience is the result of centralised information and automated processes between disparate applications and workflows, something that is critical to your employee productivity both now and in the future.


At ISAAC we can show you how to get the most from your Microsoft investment. Contact us today to find out more about creating a single user experience for your organisation.

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