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ISAAC was asked to develop a connector to deliver SharePoint and Mailchimp integration … here’s what happened

Part 3: You can’t make a monkey out of us MailChimp

Cagri Yucel, CTO, ISAAC Intelligence Ltd

After a brief respite in December whilst we soothed our souls with Festive Fare, we are back with a vengeance in January to bring you part 3 of our acclaimed (by us) 3rd party app integration series. Like the majority of these app integrators, this one is also driven by customer desire, and in fact appears to be our most popular request of the last 12 months which, given its marketing focus, has to speak volumes about where modern business is concentrating its growth efforts.

As always, the requirement sounded simple enough; could we please have a simple integration of our CRM contacts email addresses into MailChimp in an on-demand basis, say weekly or monthly to enable us to easily manage our customer newsletters and direct mail campaigns?
Our initial reaction was yes, great idea! But because we are sensitive souls and didn’t want to be made monkeys of, we arranged our very own chimp’s tea party to put our heads together and come up with a plan; and after much tea and cake….

SharePoint Mailchimp Integration: We nailed it.

Utilising our proprietary ISAAC Cloud Services solution to poll CRM periodically enables us to automate the updating of e-mails to MailChimp within a set of pre-determined parameters. This method also allows us to complete the replication without any utilisation requirement from your SharePoint tenant. Automating seemingly straightforward tasks like this has an incredible effect on people’s time and morale; the value is beyond anything monetary because you give people the gift of time. Time saved on a mundane task increases morale, effectiveness and ultimately allows people to spend more time collaborating and engaging customers.

Truth is, we love developing applications and tools that make a difference to people’s lives by changing the way things are done. As a result of our little ‘how many 3rd party apps can we integrate our ISAAC apps to’ challenge, we have created a solution that we can adapt to various database platforms, from Microsoft SQL Server to MySQL and Oracle. In simple terms, this means we can exchange information with the majority (if not all) of your existing platforms; for example, you have a proprietary platform that you would like to create a new client to every time Sales close a new deal on CRM – this is achieved through the ISAAC Cloud Services connector.

If any of our articles in this series give you food for thought or make you wonder if that app you have can be integrated with something we have, get in touch – we’d love to hear from you