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ISAAC SharePoint Applications; 3rd party platforms and app integration.

Part 1: Sage meets SharePoint  

Cagri Yucel, CTO, ISAAC Intelligence Ltd

Our customers are a clever bunch so listening to them makes a lot of sense to us. By doing so we gain an incredible understanding of the many operational processes that exist in each of their businesses, but we also get to learn about all of the additional requirements they really need in terms of workflow automation and increased functionality. Over the last couple of months, the most in-demand feature for ISAAC SharePoint Applications turned out to be its integration with the other platforms and applications our customers use most. In this multiple edition series, we will talk you through each of the platforms and apps we integrate, and just like a series of Lost.. this may never end.

The first integration option we would like to share with you this month is Sage 50 and Sage 200.  The ISAAC Cloud Services platform, which runs within Microsoft Azure Cloud, not only enables your SharePoint solution to connect to various other platforms but also lets us simply off-load complex activities from SharePoint, leveraging the full power of the Microsoft .NET platform.

What does this mean? Well, in the case of Sage integration; when an opportunity reaches the closed stage – as in the opportunity has gone from lead, to qualified opportunity, to closed sale – then the ISAAC CRM Application automatically contacts Cloud Services requesting that an invoice is raised. Cloud Services then processes the request against the Sage platform and a Sage Invoice Number is sequentially populated next to your invoice entry in CRM. Workflow automation between disparate platforms and departments, eradication of delays in the order to cash cycle, zero mistakes. What’s not to love?

Naturally, this is the tip of the proverbial iceberg, but just like Lost, you wouldn’t tune in again if we gave it all away on our first date – however we are very happy to discuss this in detail with you if you drop us a line, or give us a call to arrange a demo.

And, as you have probably guessed, it’s not just the Sage platform that our SharePoint Applications range can integrate with; Service Now, SalesForce, Social Media platforms and, in the majority of cases, your very own in-house solutions are others to name but a few.

So if you are lost, or are watching Lost, or have no idea what we’re on about (in which case you may be lost) then get in touch. we’d love to hear what you have to say, and we’d love to discuss you becoming one of our customers