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ISAAC launch connectivity solutions

Given that our Exec & Management Team have so much experience in telecoms and connectivity, you’d wonder why it took us so long… Sometimes certain things are worth waiting for, and just like it took us 18 months of research & development to perfect our cloud solutions before market launch, we wanted to do similar with our telcos and connectivity solutions

5 reasons our solutions are different

1. The most powerful and insightful data analytics on your usage/consumption you have ever seen. We take your usage files from each month and plug them into our Analytics Dashboard, which you can view in your ISAAC Intranet. The dash is both interactive and predictive, showing you who has spent what, how they have spent it and what you are likely to spend next month.

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2.  This might seem an odd thing to say, but telcos is not our core business, it’s a value-add. That means we have created solutions that are both powerful and reliable as well as very easy to deploy and maintain – Our core business is creating, deploying and managing cloud applications and infrastructure for our customers. It’s a value proposition that empowers our customers businesses’ to improve their daily working practices and employees lives through the deployment of incredibly powerful cloud applications (ISAAC Office 365 & SharePoint Applications)

3.  Because we believe that telcos in the UK is not done very well, and it is simply a value-add commodity, we have cut our margins right back to cost +9%, which covers our administrative costs. We make our margin on our core business solutions.

4.  We don’t give away hardware (smartphones, dumb phones, any phones) – you pay the lowest price possible and you can choose whichever handset in the world suits your needs. You can buy them from us at – you guessed it – cost +9%

5.  You are billed by us, on the same invoice that you receive for your IT, Cloud Applications and Infrastructure and you won’t receive rainforests worth of paper bills, in fact you won’t receive any paper from us – we do everything electronically (agreements, orders, invoices, analytics, hugs)

Sound different? Why not try us or send us a quick email with your requirements to ask@isaacintel.com

Telcos solutions from ISAAC include: –

  1. Mobile voice & data
  2. Office connectivity (Broadband, ADSL, Fibre)
  3. Hosted (IP voice)