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Moving your business to The Cloud may be bad for your business, health and sanity……………………………  But ONLY if you haven’t thought it through in full.

Having started your business or deciding to diversify to fuel growth, moving your business to the Cloud (or not) could be the biggest decision you make. This transformation is not just about moving email to the cloud, procuring CRM, ERP or office automation systems – it’s the start of an incredibly important journey that will shape and define the competitiveness of your business and the impact you have on your chosen marketplace.

A carefully detailed Cloud Transformation Strategy, where all key stakeholders within your business (from CEO to key influencers in your employee team) have been engaged, polled and opinions requested, is vital. Get that, it’s vital – it’s not, or should not be, an option.

A large proportion of companies we meet on our journeys within ISAAC already consider themselves a ‘cloud business’ yet all they have done is move emails from on-premise to Office 365, and maybe use OneDrive to store a few documents. Unfortunately, it’s around here where many get stuck on either not understanding what else 365 can be used for or not knowing how to best get employees to start working differently.

Office 365 is the perfect starting block for a Cloud Transformation Strategy, with email, security, social media, storage and sharing power beyond anything your business could normally manage or afford. But without a clear and concise strategy, it’s no wonder many companies find it hard to move on from ‘just email and a bit of storage’

Moving your business to the cloud, and harnessing the vast computing power available enables to you create ‘systems of intelligence’ – these help you to better engage with customers, empower employees and optimize operations, because every action, or workflow is managed through a single platform, recording huge swathes of data in the process – order to cash cycle? typical days credit? most efficient department? least efficient department? the possibilities are endless.

But it’s not straightforward. and we know that, which is why we simplify it –

1. Want email in the Cloud? Great, we’ll complete your migration with our zero loss / zero downtime guarantee and we’ll even throw in your very own company Intranet as well – but we’ll make sure we understand what you want from it first and we’ll also ensure that you understand what is possible both now and in the future

2. Want a better way for your employees to engage with each other and your customers? Perfect, there’s Office 365 Groups, Yammer, Skype for Business and our own Intranet Application that help assimilate your existing company ecosystem, simplifying daily tasks like finding information or each other.

3. Want more predictable IT & Infrastructure costs? Super, Office 365 starts from £3.10 per user per month and our Oxygen Intranet starts from only £2.50 per user per month – our range of fully functioning applications are £15 each (you got it, per user per month) and we only expect you to pay for the users who are ‘live’

4. Simply want to figure out what systems to move when and to where? Awesome. Our Cloud Transformation RoadMap will do exactly that for you; and its yours to keep and rely on when shaping your business technology needs into the future.

5. Can’t figure out how to get employees to engage? That’s way more normal than you think, and can usually be managed by realising that you have the ability to empower your employees and that, when you do, they engage. ‘Build it and they will come’ – We’ll show you how.

You see, it’s all about getting your ducks in a row before you jump; once you have, it’s a hugely rewarding journey that will change the way your business operates for the better. That is guaranteed.

Lead the pack, start your journey today – http://isaacintelligence.com/cloud-transformation-services/