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Colossal New SharePoint Storage Limits Gives Office 365 Customers Greater Power

Sometimes, even the lightning-fast pace of the technology World needs a little longer to get there; Picture the scene, its 2014, a somewhat dystopian existence where a mysterious leader known only as ‘The Cloud’ is gaining followers hand over fist. The Clouds largest and most powerful subject, Microsoft, makes a bold announcement – It will soon increase Office 365 / SharePoint tenant storage limits to a Google-bashing 1TB. This was Las Vegas, SharePoint Conference, 2014.. and over the last two weeks, we have witnessed this promise become a reality..

The move from the previous, 10GB + 0.5GB to the new, 1TB + 0.5GB per user limit is very exciting news for customers (and us!) It enables organisations to move practically all customer processes, workflows and documents to the cloud – removing the need for legacy infrastructure completely. Having everything your company needs available on one single platform in turn enables your people to benefit from a unique and streamlined experience whether they are working on CRM, HR or Project Tracker applications or simply searching for a document. The vast amount of space now provided enables collaboration in its purest form, turbo-charging sharing and co-working/authoring on assets and resources while maintaining one single version (as opposed to multiple, confusing and lethargic versions)

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