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Power BI is a powerful data analytics platform that is part of the Office 365 suite of applications and services. For some time now, it has been offering high processing analytics to help you make sense of your data using intuitive dashboards and reports that can built quickly and easily and shared across your organisation.

This month, Microsoft has allowed you to share the stories in your data further, but enabling a ‘publish to web’ feature on the Power BI platform.

With the ability to connect to multiple data sources, including Excel spreadsheets, SQL databases and external sources like SalesForce, Mailchimp and much more, you can digest all your data in one place and get the answers you need quickly. Being able to share your data reports and dashboards with colleagues is incredibly useful and now you can provide insights to a wider audience and turn your data archives into a valuable asset that will promote you to oracle levels of knowledge within you sector.

Embed Power BI in your Blog

As an example of what’s possible, here’s an embedded dashboard, built with Power BI from a sample sales spreadsheet just like the kind you might export from your Sales CRM.

Imagine connecting a dashboard like this to your sales data and sharing it via your company intranet, or building a visual report from data collected about your industry that you can share on your company blog.

Try Power BI today or talk to ISAAC about getting more from your data.